What We Believe

Who We Are

The Bible is the Holy Word of God.  We make no apologies for it and we stand by it.  We are a church family based on a simple truth – that the key to happiness in life is obedience to the Word of God.  

In other words, The Bible has the answers to our questions, even today. 

We believe that church shouldn't be a one-man show.  We have a large church family dedicated to serving the Lord through multiple ministries, such as Sunday School teachers, bus drivers, and soul-winning leaders to spread the Word! 

Our Stance

 We believe that God established Preaching as a means to stir the hearts of men and women. The Holy Spirit of God speaks through the Preaching of the Bible. Many churches today have left old-fashioned preaching for a softer and more comfortable teaching style. While teaching has its place, we make no apology for being one of the few around that still “Preach the Word!” (2Timothy 4:2) That is why our church puts emphasis on KJV Bible-inspired preaching, Spirit-filled music, and Christ-centered fellowship. 

Church Leadership

Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church.

RBC was founded in 1988 by Pastor Jerry Carter, and he has helped thousands of people come to know the love and forgiveness of the Lord over the past 30 years.  

We are blessed with a truly great church family and our members are  engaged at every level.  We offer Sunday School services for every age range, and we run buses for our Junior Church ministry!   

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